coffee and wine may seem crazy

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"But somewhere else, OK? A duplex, or an apartment… I don’t think a condo."
And he said “No, not a condo.”

This is a kinetic typography short I created because I absolutely adore Dylan Marron’s voice work for Carlos the Scientist, and I wanted to do something special for it. :]

While the visual is all me, the audio is from the Live at The Bell House recording of Condos, which you should totally buy in full here if you haven’t heard it yet: [x]

One of my favorite episodes of Night Vale. The added energy from the crowd is lovely, but there are some moments that I wish were saved for a recording because I feel like there are points where the dialogue needed to breathe, rather than be applauded and screamed.

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Cult Icons: Tim Curry

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Bitch who asked you ?

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Click it and CLICK IT NOW

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The Sandlot Reunion - July 24th, 2013


Project “One day with Sailor Moon”
Day 4. Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto

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